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Privacy Policy

We are very concerned about the privacy of our valued customers. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that our clients’ privacy is not sacrificed while using our services. To safeguard the privacy of our customers, we have devised a privacy policy. The privacy policy is an arrangement that explains how this website will use and protect the information provided by clients. 

The privacy policy is devised for the privacy protection of consumers. So, whenever you use our website, it will apply as we are responsible for your privacy protection. Hence, whenever you share specific information (name, address, email address, mobile number) on our website to buy products, we will only use it as per our privacy policy. Moreover, we update our privacy policy from time to time to offer better protection. So, you should check our policy statement from time to time to keep yourself updated. 

Moreover, we offer a detailed explanation of our privacy policy. So, you can better understand what data we collect. How will collected information be used? And how can you access your provided information? After reviewing our privacy terms, if you continue to use our services, we will consider that you accepted our terms of use. So, you must read our policy terms to determine if you are happy with them or not before accepting the privacy terms.

What kind of information do we request from our customers?

We demand the following information from our valued clients:

  • Customer’s name
  • Contact information: phone number, email address
  • Geographical information like name of the city, postal code, and home address in case of home delivery 
  • Personal information like customer’s interests and preferences
  • Information regarding customer surveys and product reviews, service reviews
  • Cookies: Cookies are small text files that contain your navigation of our website. It is saved on your cell phones, computers, and laptops during a website visit. The cookies that we use on our website are mentioned below.

How do we use the collected information?

We collect information better to understand the interests and preferences of our customers. So, we can serve them in a better and satisfactory way. The data we collect from you is used for the following objectives:

  • To maintain records: 

We will keep an internal record of our customers.

  • To improve our services and products:  

We will improve our services as per the suggestions and reviews of our customers. 

  • For email marketing and mobile marketing

We will send you advertising messages and emails from time to time. Inform you about the new arrival of the latest products, special offers, discounts, etc. Besides, we will only send you the products that we think you might like as per your provided information.  

  • To conduct market research and market survey: 

We will contact you through email, cell phone, and WhatsApp. Collect the information regarding our market survey. The purpose of the study is to modify our store as per the interest of our customers.

  • To proceed with order requests: 

We use your personal information to identify you and proceed with your purchase request.  

  • They improve website performance: 

The cookies we collect on the website contain your navigation on this site. The purpose of using cookies is to enhance our customers’ website experience. The cookies that we use on our website are mentioned below. 

Data protection or information security

We are determined to ensure the safety of customers’ privacy. Therefore, we took appropriate physical, managerial, and electronic measures. Avoid the chances of unauthorized data access or information disclosure. These high-end measures will ensure the safety of the information that you put on our website.

Disclosure of information to third parties

We only disclose your information to third parties and affiliate subsections of our store. Proceed with your order. However, we have signed a non-disclosure agreement with the third parties to protect the privacy of our customers. So, third parties will not be able to use or disclose your personal information to anyone. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that seek your permission to be placed on the hard disk of your computers, laptops, and mobile phones. Once you grant permission, you will add the text file to your device’s hard disk. Besides, there are two main kinds of cookies; permanent and temporary. Permanent cookies are saved as a text file for twelve months on your device. And will hold temporary cookies only for a short while. They will be removed from your device when you close the browser.

Which cookies do we collect?

We collect the following cookies on our website:

FORM-KEY: it stores haphazardly created keys to avoid fake requests.

PHPSESSID: it saves your ID on the server.           

GUEST-VIEW: it allows visitors to record and edit their orders.

PERSISTENT-SHOPPING-CART: it stores information regarding your cart, shopping history, and product viewing history.  

STF stores information regarding the products you email to your family and friends. 

STORE: it saves your language setting.   

USER-ALLOWED-SAVE-COOKIE: it specifies that either consumers accept or reject cookies. 

MAGE-CACHE-SESSID: it stores caches to improve the website performance.      

MAGE-CACHE-STORAGE stores catch on the storage to improve the page loading speed.

MAGE-CACHE-TIMEOUT: It enables the contents of caches on the browser to make the web page load quicker.

SECTION-DATA-IDS: it stores the content of caches on the browser to increase page loading speed.

PRIVATE-CONTENT-VERSION: it stores the content of caches on the browser to increase page loading speed.      

X-MAGENTO-VARY: it stores the content of caches on the server to increase page loading speed.              

MAGE-TRANSLATION-FILE-VERSION: it enables content translation into other languages.

MAGE-TRANSLATION-STORAGE: it enables content translation into other languages.

How do we use the collected cookies?

  • The cookies will help analyze web traffic and tell you when you have visited a specific site. Besides, cookies enable a web application to respond to you individually. So, the web applications will customize their application as per your preferences as they collect and save information about your needs, personal likes, likings, and dislikes. 
  • We use both permanent and seasonal cookies. They help us to understand what customers like and dislike about our website. 

The traffic log cookies help us identify which customers use pages on our website. It will help us in webpage data analysis. And we can improve our website as per the analysis result. Besides, we only use this information for statistical analysis. We erase your data from our computers after analysis. 

In short, by using cookies, we can screen which pages you like on our website and which pages you do not find helpful. So, they enable us to tailor our website as per the preferences of our customers. Moreover, by using cookies, we can only monitor your website navigation. Cookies will not provide us with any access to your complex disk data. It means we can only access the data you have shared on our website. Therefore, many servers auto-accept cookies to enrich users’ experience. But if you find accepting cookies will breach your privacy, you can choose to decline them. However, you may not enjoy the website’s full features after declining cookies.


Link of other websites

Our web pages might contain several links to other affiliated websites. But it would be best if you took notice of one thing. Once you move from our website using these links, we will not be responsible for your privacy protection because we have no authority over other websites. In other words, this privacy policy is only applicable to our website. Other websites have privacy policies. So, it would be best if you looked at the terms of use before agreeing with the privacy statement.

Protection of personal information

You have control over your choices. So, you can select what personal information you are comfortable sharing. And what you don’t want to share with us. You can restrict our information collection by using the following methods:

  • Firstly, when we request you to fill out a form on our website. Search for the section which specifies that will not use the collected information for direct marketing purposes. Neither by the company nor by the third parties. 
  • Secondly, change your approval status if you have allowed us to use your personal information for direct marketing in the past, but you don’t feel like sharing your data anymore. You can change your permission status anytime you want. 
  • Thirdly, under the Data Protection Act 1988, you can inquire about the personal information we hold. But you have to pay nominal charges. You can send the request through email.
  • Moreover, contact us if you find our information lacking and incorrect or want to change the information. We will update your information as you requested.

Moreover, we will never sell, disclose, or lend our personal information to a third party without your permission. So, we will share your information only with your consent. Or when we’re bound by law to share your information. Moreover, we will use your information to keep you updated about our latest products, discount offers, special events, etc. Through email and mobile marketing.