Mid Wash Slim Fit Jeans


Our mid-wash slim-fit jeans are perfect for kids as they are both comfortable and trendy. They allow your kids to move around easily while also looking cool.

These mid-blue slim-fit jeans are made of high-quality denim, which means they are durable and will last a long time. They come with five pockets that come in handy for keeping things. Whether your child is going out for a casual playdate or a special event, these jeans will make them look sharp. The blue color is always in fashion, so these jeans will remain stylish regardless of the season. We’ve made these jeans with great care, so they will provide you with good value for your money.


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Size Chart
12-18 M16.5"9"
18-24 M18"9.5"
2 Y19.5"10"
3 Y22"10.5"
4 Y24.5"11"
5-6 Y28.5"12"
7-8 Y30.5"12.5"
9-10 Y33"13"
11-12 Y35.5"13.5"

Note: Please be aware sizes may vary with a difference of + or - 0.5 inch.

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